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Sports South Medical

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Sports Medicine South

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MVHS Senior Student-Trainers (Mina)

MVHS Senior Student-Trainers (Jasmine)

MVHS Senior Student-Trainers (Corey)

2021 Certified Athletic Trainers



Maribeth Lonas, MVHS Head Trainer

Sean Nelson, MVHS Head Trainer


Physical Reminders and Directions

Physicals are $20.00

*Visit, click login/sign up  

*On the sign-up page, click "Sign Up for Free". 

*Follow the prompts to create your Parent Account with your  email address or phone number. 

*Enter your child's School Code O1CAZS when prompted and confirm this is the correct school.   

*Click "Add A Child" in the Dragon Fly MAX web site, then follow the prompts to create your child’s profile and complete his/her participation forms.   

* After completing your child's forms, you can review his/her profile OR add another child.  

Dr. Gary Levengood- Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

Kurt Bazemore- Certified Physical Therapist